TERMA-VIETNAM Master of Degree Ceremony 2013

6/16/2016 3:47:00 PM
On June 15th, 2016, VAWR held the TERMA-VIETNAM Master of Degree in Technology and Resources Management in the Tropics and Subtropics – ‘Water Resources Management’ major within the framework of the Joint Training Program between VAWR and Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Germany.

Attending the meeting, there was Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Vu Viet – Party Secretary &Director of VAWR along with representatives of other VAWR’s Departments, representatives of CTIC, and on the side of Germany, Mr. Guenther Straub – Coordinator of the TERMA-VIETNAM Program along with other lecturers and honored students.

 Dr. Nguyen Thi Anh Tuyet – Director of CTIC said at the ceremony.

On the behalf of VAWR, Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Vu Viet – Director General of VAWR thanked to Cologne University of Applied Sciences – Germany and praised the working spirit of CTIC’s staff for assisting in this course.

Through this ceremony, Director of VAWR wished students to continuously study, practice, and apply all of the acquired knowledge during this course in practice, into the career of theirselves, their units and general career of the country. He also congratulated on students’ achievements as well as their efforts during the course, and thanked to lecturers for their coordination and assistance to the Academy during the past.


Besides, the Director also hoped that lecturers will continue to coordinate and support so that the Academy can accomplish the training workforce for either the Academy or agencies outside the Academy as well as better cooperation with the Germany including Cologne University of Applied Sciences.

 Mr. Guenther Straub – Coordinator of the TERMA-VIETNAM Program said at the ceremony.
 Representative of lecturers and instructors said at the ceremony.

After the speaking, representative of participants said: ‘This training course was absolutely helpful and meaningful. Students have shared their knowledge with Vietnamese as well as foreign experts; in addition, they had more opportunities to improve their English and communicate with other fellow students coming from different majors and regions related to water resources management’.

The representative also said that this course gave them knowledge on the scientific approach and the presentation of a standard scientific report.

Last but not least, the representative sincerely thanked to VAWR, instructors, lecturers, friends, and families for supporting and assisting them during their study course.




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