10/12/2011 9:31:00 AM
Dispute risk increasing related to drinking water resource together with world population and global warming. This warning has been given by experts in the International conference of World Water day in March 22


The experts assumed that the world's population may reach to 9 billion people in the year 2050, making access to water become more and more difficult. Water demand, especially for agricultural sector will continue to rise.

According to data published recently by the UN and other international environmental organizations, with a population of over 4 billion people, Asia - Pacific region is facing the risk of conflict so as community water population in the region struggling to meet this demand.
Countries like the Maldives, India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and the Philippines are facing water shortages as supplies are declining as population is growing.
Africa, the driest continent in the world, last year, four East African countries in the upper Nile namely Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, has signed an agreement to bring additional water from the Nile (mostly runingg across Egypt) for hydropower and irrigation. Egypt and Sudan strongly opposed this move.

The remaining three countries in the upper may join the Treaty as Burundi, Congo, and Kenya. Currently Egypt and Sudan use up to 90% using the Nile water resources. The upstream countries said that it is unfair and they want a new agreement, but more than 13 years negotiations with Egypt and Sudan has not yet come to an end.

According to the BBC, a war may occur if such nine African countries can not compromise on sharing water resources.

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