Workshop on Integrated Drought Management in the South Central and Highlands under climate change context

6/27/2016 12:00:00 AM
VAWR coordinated with Water Resources Directorate to hold an international workshop called ‘Drought Management in the South Central and Central Highlands in the context of climate change: Challenges and Solutions’ in Ninh Thuan on June 24th 2016.

The workshop was chaired by the Vice Minister of MARD – Mr. Hoang Van Thang and  Chairman of Ninh Thuan People’s Committee – Mr. Luu Xuan Vinh.

Attending the workshop, on the side of international delegates, there were Worldbank,Cologne University of Applied Sciences (Germany), Bangladesh and Indonesia Natural Resources Network, Pacific Disaster Center, and The Global Water Partnership. On the side of Vietnam, there were participants from MARD, Water Resources Directorate, VAWR, and representatives of Ninh Thuan, Binh Thuan, Khanh Hoa, Gia Lai, and DakLak Provinces.

The purpose of the workshop was to improve the capacity of monitoring, forecasting, and managing drought; looking forwards to building more appropriate policies and strategies from national level and regional level as well as action plans for each locality in the South Centreal and Central Highlands regions.

Opening speech at the workshop, the Vice Minister of MARD said: ‘The perspective that Vietnam is approach in managing drought is an overall sustainable perspective because drought is simply an imbalance of water ,so drought management is inseparable from integrated river basin management from upstream to downstream to ensure that water is fully supplied for water users in the most effective and sustainable manner. If this is well executed then risks and damages caused by drought will be minimized’.

He also said the content of the Workshop agenda includes drought management framework, and tools and methods used to predict and monitor drought are issues that the Goverment of Vietnam and MARD have been including in to execute in the near future especially, issues closely related to drought’s impacts on agriculture sector including drought risk prediction and forecasting capacity in the short term, medium term as well as long term, and especially risk prevention and miligation due to drought approaching from river basin level in order to serve the restructuring of Vietnam’s agriculture sector.  



At the workshop, Director of VAWR – Mr. Nguyen Vu Viet said: VAWR has been applying new approach methods as well as the international advanced technology to predict and warn drought risks in a scientific way, closely tied to serve agricultural production by using all of calculation findings from global and regional climate models, and crops modeling then from there, propose appropriate plant structure and reasonable water distribution plan calculated on the basis of water balance in river basins to serve sustainable agricultural production in the region where water shortage and drought are being more and more serious.


Through this Workshop, we hoped Vietnam specifically provinces in the South Central and Central Highlands, and international organizations having specific strategies as well as actions to improve cooperation and knowledge exchange in the fight against potential impacts which can easily happen due to drought, particularly in the context of climate change which is getting more complicated as today.

End of the Workshop, MARD has appreciated the cooperation between VAWR and international partners. The Ministry requested the toolkit for drought forecast of Pacific Disaster Center and Integrated Drought Management framework developed by VAWR needs to be updating and closely coordinate with localities to proactively prevent drought. In the future, there’s a need of more research of calculating a reasonable allocation of water and water pricing.


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