DEcentralized WAsterwater Treament System (DEWATS)

10/12/2011 9:46:00 AM

Project-/Programme Objective

Improve Livelihoods of low income communities and protect natural resources in SEA


Overall Goal/Development Goal

Basic Need Services are established as appropriate, environmental friendly, decentralized technical and social options in urban and rural areas in Vietnam within a demand oriented multi-stakeholder framework.


Expected/Intended Impact

  • Improvement of public health
  • Sustain natural resources
  • Income generation


Results to be achieved in 2009 are as follows:

Result 1. Project Cooperations are managed professionally according to existing internal and external regulations.


 Main Activities

Sub activities



Main Activity 1: Administration (contracting)

1.1 Salary for project staff

1.1 Staffplan, staff contracts (Jan-Dec)

.1 Project staff are assigned and ready to facilitate/implement workplan

1.2 To operate project office on daily basis

1.2 Inventory, receipts (offcie running Jan-Dec)

.2 Project tasks, incl. field work and administration can be facilitated 

Main Activity 2: Knowledge Management (documentation, reporting, communication)

2.1. To publish IEC materials   about DEWATS                                                                      

Brochures, field notes

ietnamese stakeholders informed by print media

2.2 To submit WWW article every month   BORDA-net 

2.2 WWW-article

.2 WWW article submitted by 15th via BORDA-Hanoi office

2.3 To maintain & manage EMDS project filing & documentation system

2.3 Project documentation & filing system (electronic & hardcopy)

.3 Project filing & docu system follows planning format

Main Activity 3: Financial Management (Journals, Financial Plan, Audits)

3.1 To follow BORDA accounting journal                                                                                                                                                             

3.1 Monthly accounting journal                                                                                                                                                                  

3.1/3.2 Accounting journals submitted to BORDA-SEA office on time                                           

3.2 To submit quarterly accounting journals to BORDA-SEA via BORDA-Vietnam Office

3.2 Journals and RoIs

3.2 Correct journals and RoIs submitted in time

3.3 To prepare audit for 2008 in cooperation with BORDA-Vietnam

3.3 Verified journals, inventory list, staff conracts, supporting documents

3.3 VAWR financial project documentation internally verfioed and ready for auditing by March 2009

3.4 To align financial management with BORDA-Vietnam

3.4 Monthly admin meetings followed

3.4. VAWR journals and financial reports are checked by BORDA-Vietnam monthly

Main Activity 4: Project Steering and coordination

4.1 To prepare quarterly project progress reports                   

4.1 Quarterly project reports                                       

4.1 Project report submitted to BORDA-SEA office via BORDA-Hanoi quarterly with journals                                        

4.2. To prepare annual project report          

4.2 Annual project report                

4.2 Annual report 2008 to BORDA-Hanoi submitted by 15.2.2009    

4.3. To participate in BORDA-SEA review meeting in KL

4.3 MS PP Presentation BORDA-Vietnam

4.3 BORDA-SEA network informed about achievements & plans

4.4 To particpate in BNS workshop in Surabaya

4.5 BNS attendance list

4.5 Professional exchange within BNS-partners

4.5 To organize and facilitate 2 phase workshop for MARD                              

Workshop in VAWR

Summarizing 2nd phase of project

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