Meeting with the delegation of JICA - Hokkaido

4/10/2017 12:00:00 AM
On March 7th, 2017, at the Vietnam Academy of Water Resources, A/Prof Nguyen Tung Phong, Deputy Director, had a meeting with the delegation of JICA - Hokkaido led by Mr. Hirokazu Kanatsuya - Head of Union of Hokkaido Land Reclamation. The delegation comprised of experts in agriculture and construction.


The Vietnam Academy of Water Resources was represented by the Centre for Training and International Cooperation, Centre of PIM, Planning Department and staff from other institutes of the Academy who had studied irrigation and land reclamation in Hokkaido and Japan.
      On behalf of the delegation, Mr. Hirokazu Kanatsuya wished to visit to learn about agricultural production, irrigation systems, agricultural practices and conditions in Vietnam. He hoped that, in this Vietnam trip as well as others in future, he would have more opportunities to gain experience and techniques of agriculture in Vietnam.

      In response to the statement by Mr. Hirokazu Kanatsuya, our Deputy Director said that the Vietnam Academy for Water Resources was willing to promote the cooperation further in agricultural production, import and export of agricultural products between the two institutions, in addition to experience exchange.


      The Deputy Director of the Academy discussed some information related to the agricultural production, in particular irrigation and cultivated management in Vietnam; challenges in the implementation of agricultural restructuring program to increase added value and sustainable development, and difficulties in irrigation management. He also presented briefly about the organization structure, human resources, functions, tasks and research fields of the Vietnam Academy for Water Resources. The Deputy Director said that the Academy was stepping up its participation in the chain of agricultural production; to receive and transfer high technologies in irrigation and agricultural cultivation; to organize a linkage model of production among business and farrmers in which the Academy played the role of technology connection in the production chain.

      Regarding orientation in the coming time, the Academy would be interested in high-quality demand markets like Japan. The Academy looked forward to associate for technology transfer and application, and supply agricultural products to Japan. The Deputy Director added that the two instituions could exchange and cooperate in linking agricultural commodity markets, technology supply and support source hubs.

    The two sides exchanged and discussed related issues such as constraints and difficulties for farmers in participating in irrigation management; land consolidation; large sample field setting, market orientation and manpower in agriculture, transport of agricultural products and post-harvest processing technology.

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