Meeting with German Water partnership

12/26/2016 12:00:00 AM
On December 15, 2016, Deputy Director General of VAWR Prof.Dr. Tran Dinh Hoa met and discussed with Dr. Peter Samm - member of German water partnership in low energy pumping, wastewater treatment for industrial and domestic purposes.

Accompanying with Dr. Peter Samm, there were representatives from the Association of Foreign Investment Enterprises - Ministry of Planning and Investment; Deviwas project manager, Ltd. Electrical Engineering HAWACO,

 From VAWR, there were representatives from Center for Training and International Cooperation, Planning Dept., Institute for Hydraulic Pumps and Equipment.

At the meeting, Dr. Peter Samm - presented an overview of WILO company, WILO is the the No.1 pump manufacturer in Germany with more than 150 years old, currently, it has 7,500 employees in 90 countries around the world with revenues of $ 1.5 billion.



For Asia region,  the company has 05 factories, in the near future the company intends to build 01 factory in Southeast Asia and Vietnam is one of the countries which WILO is targeting. The company can provides pumping equipment that saves 80% energy and solutions are successfully implemented as the National Convention Centre, National Assembly building, German house ....

 The company is operating in many fields including the fields related to water and agriculture, so he wants a chance to cooperate with VAWR in field of pump equipment and solutions.


 On behalf of VAWR, Prof. Tran Dinh Hoa expressed thanks to Dr.Peter Samm about sharing and his wish for further cooperation from the German Water partnership on low-power pumps, sewage and industrial waster water treatment.

 Prof. Hoa said, natural hazard now is very hot in Vietnam, especially drought, flood, salinity intrusion, river and coastal erosion, management and use of water resources to social and economic development .... All the above issues, VAWR is still working on, the results have been applied in practice. These achievements have been appreciated by GoV, ministries and localities.

 Besides, VAWR has collaborative research and technology transfer with many countries, large organizations around the world. For Germany, VAWR partnered with the Cologne University of Applied Sciences in joint master program, it is also a member of  CNRD network, LUCCI project on the Vu Gia Thu Bon river basin….

 For the cooperation with VAWR through sharing of Dr. Peter Samm, Prof Hoa said that the current problems related to irrigation, the environment, rural waste water treatment are urgent problems in Vietnam and this is an opportunity for the two sides cooperate.

 Deputy Director General Tran Dinh Hoa hope that German Water partnership can facilitate the implementation of pilot project for water treatment in a town or commune, from the pilot project, it draw experience and reduplicate the model to other provinces; research cooperation in the implementation of projects aimed at coping with climate change in the Mekong Delta and Central Highlands; building smart cities, adapting to climate change in the Mekong Delta and experience sharing on eco city on the Red River Delta; organizing conferences, seminars and training to improve the capacity of the staff of the VAWR.

The two sides continue to exchange information and orientation in the future cooperation.

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