VAWR working with the French Chamber of Commerce

3/16/2016 12:00:00 AM
On March 16, 2016, at Vietnam Academy for Water Resources, Associate Professor Ph.D. Nguyen Tung Phong- Deputy Director of Vietnam Academy for Water Resources welcomed and worked with the French Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam.

Attending the meeting, there were Ms. Stephanie Gay-Torrente – Director of the Pollutec Exhibition 2016; Ms. Marie Lalanne – the Head of the Department of International Trade Promotion - Pollutec 2016 Exhibition organizers; Mr. Guillaume Crouzet – General Director of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam – Representative of the Pollutec in Vietnam; Ms. Nguyen Dac Boi Quynh – Head of the Trade Promotion of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam, in charge of the Pollutec project; and Ms. Le Minh Phuong – Office Specialist. On the side of VAWR, there were Associate Professor Ph.D. Vu Thi Thanh Huong – Deputy Head of Institute for Water, Irrigation and Environment, and representative of Integrated Planning Board.

At the meeting, Ms. Stephanie Gay-Torrente – Director of the Pollutec 2016 Exhibition, briefly introduced about international Exhibition on Environemnt Pollutec. She also said that the specialized exhibition on environment that attracts over 2000 exhibitors, introducing solutions, technology, and services to prevent and solve type of pollution and environmental protection is held every two years in France. This Pollutec 2016 Exhibition is the 27th international exhibition specializing in equipment, technology, and other services in environmental sector, the energy was distributed in 10 main exhibition groups such as waste and material recovery, treatment and water management, the energy, equipment- measurement- automation, the air, environmental risks, soil and geology, sustainable development- social responsibility, regional and international groups, legal institutions- research- funding.

During every organization of exhibition, the exhibition organizers will select one honored country at Pollutec and this year, 2016, Vietnam was officially chosen as an honored country at Pollutec 2016 by the exhibition organizers. Booth’s location was located in the center of the exhibition and there will be many specialized activities for Vietnam- the honored country at the exhibition such as national booth, specialized workshops, seminars, attending all meetings of high quality by Enterprise Europe Network, the official welcoming ceremony or working with partners in environmental sector, the field trips to visit factories, specialized office, and etc., Director of the Pollutec 2016 Exhibition shared.

She also shared that this exhibition will be a huge opportunity for Vietnam to promote the image of our country, introduce to the world about our policies, issues, and projects in environment and energy, as well as establish and strengthen relationships between Vietnam and international partners in preventing environmental pollution, preserving natural resources, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Both sides have also discussed about the upcoming action plans at the Pollutec 2016 Exhibition. On the behalf of VAWR, Associate Professor Ph.D. Nguyen Tung Phong shared his hope for the French Chamber of Commerce to create forums, coordinate with AFD’s support, together mobilize sponsors for the new rural development program. The Academy will send experts who are knowledgeable in environment field to attend and those will be in the liaison committee as well.

Ms. Stephanie Gay-Torrente also said that she will be back to Vietnam in September to continuously work with the relevant units of work and activities for the upcoming Pollutec Exhibition.

The Pollutec Exhibition will be held from 29/11 to 02/12/2016 in Lyon City, France with the size of 100.000 m2

* There are 2,400 exhibitors in which 30% coming from countries in the region and the world.

* 65,000 visitors of which 20% is international visitors

* 400 workshops attracting 10,000 participants

* 200 new technologies will be introduced at the Exhibition

* 5 major topics at this Exhibition are sustainable city, sustainable industry; ocean and coastal zone; agriculture; hospital and sustainable development.

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