VAWR welcomed and worked with the Prefectural Federation of Land Improvement Association (PFLIA) Hokkaido- Japan

3/16/2016 12:00:00 AM
In the afternoon of March 15th, 2016, at VAWR, Associate Professor Ph.D, Nguyen Tung Phong- Deputy Director of Vietnam Academy for Water Resources welcomed and worked with the Prefectural Federation of Land Improvement Association (PFLIA) Hokkaido- Japan by Mr. Maeyama Keiji as the Head of delegate.

Attending the meeting, along with Deputy Director, there were representatives of CTIC, PIM, and Integrated Planning Board.

On the behalf of the Federation, Mr. Maeyama Keiji- the Leader thanked VAWR for having the meeting and briefly introduced about their main activities.

According to Mr. Keiji, the purpose of this visit and work with VAWR was to express their thanks to the Academy for sending experts to attend the workshop, learning, research, and sharing experiences on land improvement in Sapporo City in 2013; hoped for the Academy to share information of participants on how have they been doing after going back? Are there any difficulties in their research work when they apply experiences which were gained during their time in Japan? Besides, they also wanted the Academy to share its achievements when participating in the projects of JICA and on the basis of that, hoped for opportunities to cooperate with VAWR in the future.
At the meeting, Associate Professor Ph.D. Nguyen Tung Phong thanked the Working Group of the Federation for coming and working at VAWR, and briefly introduced about organizational structure, functions, and activities of VAWR of which having emphasized the training for communities, organized many training courses in Irrigation Management, having the participation of PIM for central-level and local-level officials, and farmers, irrigation management and irrigation management field, policy and mechanism related to irrigation management.

According to the Deputy Director, for the management of irrigation, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) assigned main tasks to VAWR, namely, building regulations, standards and norms in the operation management of irrigation work and irrigation management having people’s participation. Secondly, creating documentation to support the locals, provinces in establishing and strengthening cooperative organizations for water consumption. Thirdly, policy advisory to the Ministry in encouraging people to participate in manage irrigation. Fourthly, training for stakeholders such as central and local managers, as well as farmers on participation in irrigation management. Last but not least, providing consultation services on irrigation management and participation in irrigation management.

Recently, the Academy has been cooperating with many Japanese partners in the field of scientific research, transfer of technology, Participation in Irrigation Management (PIM) and having 15 years of work with JICA in implementing project PIM; through the project JICA, the Academy established a handbook on PIM which was required to use for all activities of PIM in Vietnam by MARD. Besides the project JICA, there were about 100 VAWR’s officials who have been trained on PIM in Japan and those currently are core officials and have capability to implement tasks on PIM in Vietnam. Most of major projects of MARD, ODA, WB, AFD, and ADB were executed by officials who have been trained in Japan and with capability as well as experience, the current consultation services and agreements on PIM in Vietnam are mostly done by VAWR’s officials, the Deputy Director of the Academy said.

Besides, both parties also discussed issues relating to PIM, SRI technology, irrigation, irrigation charges, soil and soil quality, and etc.,

The meeting ended successfully.

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